Professional Social Media

Building my online, professional presence from scratch over the next two years gives me a great opportunity to understand exactly what it is that I want specialise in and grow my portfolio- allowing me to project clear and concise objectives throughout my profiles.

Currently, my social media accounts are all personal. Hence, this course will probably be one of the most beneficial for me as it provides guidance specifically related to the industry I hope to break into.

CIU111 copy

At this stage, drawing from the above objective examples by Yvette Adams’ of The Creative Collective, there are three things I hope to use social media to achieve. These include establishing myself as a film maker/ journalist, network with other professionals in the creative indusrty and gaining feedback on my work for future reference. This coinsides with my goal to find employment post-grad.

To achieve this, I believe that Facebook followed by Instagram will be the best platforms as they are mostly desired by users for their visually stimulating content. This stratagy is supported in Collier’s Professionalism: social media outreach (2012).

LinkedIn, however, will be the most effective platform for creating professional connections online (Rundquist, 2015). While I am not as comfortable on LinkedIn as I am on Facebook or Instagram, I have used it occasionally for my work in sales. It is almost like a ‘professional Facebook’ that enables you to interact with people from all different lines of work through connections and suggests other users that may be an asset to your network. My decision to rely on LinkedIn for professional networking is mainly due to the fact that it is viewed as somewhat more respectable and reliable in terms of business. This is especially prevalent when trying to meet with a potential employer/ client as users generally have similar motives. Being a part of a large family business, I know that interactions over LinkedIn are widely used and are becoming more popular/ are preferred.

Rundquist, A. (2015). Professional development with social media. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 137(4), 2367.

Collier, R. (2012). Professionalism: social media outreach. CMAJ: Canadian Medical Association Journal, 184(11).


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