Film and Audiences- Topic 10

This week’s audience topic explored the various types of viewer experiences whether it is passive or interactive. Personally, when I see a film for the first time, I prefer to go to the cinema. This is due to the cinematic experience that eliminates distractions and upholds certain etiquette to which there is a sense of respect to the film and among audience members. However, after my first viewing, I do enjoy other types of exhibition within the comfort of my own home, primarily due to convenience.

If I enjoy a film, I will often become emotionally involved, generally a result of the story itself or deep, complex characters to whom I can relate. For me, these aspects are emphasised through the cinematography and editing.

Spectacle and Technology- Topic 11

This topic highlights the validity of the spectacle vs story telling debate and questions the use of technology in relation to audience experience.

I don’t believe that technology has ‘eroded’ the craft of story telling through film, however, I do feel as though certain filmmakers place greater importance on spectacle as opposed to the narrative which can be detrimental to a films success. For me, the best films are those with a captivating, interactive story. While technology can enhance the components of the story, it simply can not take priority.

As a film maker, I would use innovative technologies, not to drive the film, but to enhance performances and create intricate story worlds. Like James Cameron and his work on Avatar, I would love to be able to create story worlds that are so unbelievable, yet realistic in feel, that audiences willingly immerse themselves into such fantasies that allow the story to bring the world to life (not just the technology).