Week 2- Harnessing Your Inspiration


In this blog, Hurlbut looks at what it means to be a filmmaker in terms of sourcing and generating inspiration. This topic was surprisingly relevant to our Studio 1 unit as he discusses his own filmmaking influences and why. In particular, he refers to still photography as his biggest inspiration as he hopes that each frame he creates holds its own meaning and story.

“I’ve always loved the idea of all my movies just being a series of stills and that at any moment, you can pause the movie and see a story within that single frame.”

Coincidently, this week we have been conceptualising for our ‘story in a shot’ project which presents this exact challenge only on a smaller scale. Thus, learning where Hurlbut finds his inspiration for such tasks has been considerably beneficial.

In terms of his blogging style, Hurlbut keeps it simple and relatively visual with images and videos throughout. His language is informal and personal, writing in first person and reflecting on his own experiences. Continuing the simplicity, he uses black ‘PT Sans’ font in size 10.5 and his paragraphs are no longer than four sentences in length.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 9.10.38 pm.png

This post was interesting and easy to follow.

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