Week 3- Building Night Interiors


This week’s blog continued with the same simplistic format that Hurlbut’s previous posts have followed. In fact, it reads like a transcript for a vlog. The highly visual post focuses on the building of interior night set’s and the lighting set up’s that are needed to create visually interesting and effective stories. While the usual advertisements throughout the page are still present, this weeks post requires audiences to join Shane’s Inner Circle, a subscription based membership worth $19.95/ month. This monthly fee grants members “exclusive access to Hollywood cinematography” which involves courses on career building or story enhancement, a filmmaking essentials kit, a “thriving filmmaking community” and new content each week.


However, for those who are not members of the inner circle, this week’s blog is cut short- very short. Despite this, what could view view free of charge set a promising introduction to lighting a night interior scene from scratch. With our upcoming in-class lighting workshop, story in a shot project and the short film, it would have been extremely beneficial to be able to continue reading Hurlbut’s list of tips, tricks and advise- particularly given that lighting is not my forte.


Due to the little content in this weeks post, there is not a whole lot to report on hence this weeks blog is short and sweet!


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