Week 5- Shifting the Paradigm: Part II


This  weeks blog is an extension of the post I discussed in week 1. Hurlbut continues his insights of how to utilize Freefly’s MōVI to the fullest, including his thoughts and experiences when using in conjunction with a dolly, FlowCine Black Arm, old school vs. new school techniques and becoming a crane.

Hurlbut illustrates the best ways to take advantage of Freefly’s devices in one of his most visual posts yet through the use of images, embedded videos and gif’s. The blog flows nicely with a good ratio of textual information supported by the visual content.


Not only does he show how to use the devices being explored, he provides instances in Hollywood films where they have be used- specifically in the 2015 film “Fathers and Daughters”.

[Link to Fathers and Daughters]

Through all of his knowledge of and experiences with the MōVI, Hurlbut explains that its greatest feature is its efficiency. The Freefly MōVI promotes efficiency and flexibility on set without compromising on quality or creativity. As an amiture filmmaker, it is benificial to know about visatile products such as these whereby more than one function can be achieved. From a financial, time and logistic standpoint, the less equipment- the better! Especially when quality is not sacrificed.



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