Week 11- Screenplay Breakdowns


For this week, I will be looking at other avenues through which Hurlbut connects with his followers. While most bloggers adopt a commenting feature at the end of each post for audiences to share their thoughts with both the blogger and other followers, Hurlbut however keeps his interaction in this instance private. By this, I mean that audiences are still more than welcome to leave comments, though these are not displayed on the site. The comment section operates more as an enquirey field whereby one can submit their comment, name, email address and website directly to administrators.

Assuming this system works for Hurlbut as it has not been replaced by a regular blog comments section (like on WordPress), I don’t think this is a suitable method for all bloggers. Given that I am a member of Hurlbuts audience, I know that I would be more inclined to interact on this platform if I could see my contribution and have the option to edit or delete my comments. Having the enquirey-like field seems more formal and less social/ engaging.

Personally, this is not a blogging element that I would mimic.

Week 10- Boundaries to Opportunities


All of Hurlbut’s blogs have proven to be highly insiteful and easy to follow. Their simplistic and visual structure make for an engaging and informative read. There appears to have been a lot of thought put in to his interaction and engagement with followers, advertising links to associated social pipelines including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email.

The first thing I notice when selecting one of the social media icons is that the link opens up in a new tab. Whilst this is a minor detail, it is one that I appreciate as it practical and user friendly- I often find myself opening multiple tabs to save having to go back through my browser history to find the page I started at.  Looking at Hurlbut Visual’s social media accounts, specifically Twitter, it is clear that interaction with followers is of high importance. Posting and sharing new content multiple times a day, Hurlbut Visual also interact through following, retweeting and conversing with their audiences this creates a sense of community on a global scale and helps encourage reader loyalty while further advertising their services.