Week 13- Inner Circle Meet Up


This weeks post consisted of a live streaming of  the Apiture Flex Series at Cineplex in Burbank, CA. This event was open to members of the Inner Circle and streamed for the convienience of those who were unable to attend.

This is a unique method to reach audiences far and wide. Furthermore, it is effective and relevant to Hurlbut’s niche given its visual constituent. The pro’s of such elements include:

– Longer Viewing

People are more motivated to watch the entirety of live video’s as there is no option to pause or playback. If the content is engaging enough for a viewer to watch all of it, chances are they’ll be interested in other content you post, whether that be other live streams, status updates, images or blog posts.

– Greater platform options

Due to the popularity of live streaming, it is now available on many social platforms. Thus there is no need for audiences sign up to a platform they weren’t a member of in order to watch your live video. Chances are, they are already a member of the platform you’re streaming on. Research which platform attracts the greatest views by testing a live video across several platforms and noting the viewer numbers.

– Engaging
Engaging with audiences is one of the key goals for bloggers sense live streaming is an innovative way to connect and interact. Hosting a live event that fans can either attend or live stream, as Hurlbut has done, works for many different industries (ie. auctions for real estate companies, store/product launches, etc). However, this is only successful if sufficient publicity has been circulated.

With that said, there are con’s as well such as techincal difficulties, timing and the inability to save videos .


Week 12- SIC Podcast: Ep. 40

This weeks post comes from Shane’s most recent podcast with wife Lydia. Through out the podcast, the pair answer questions that have been written in from audience members world wide. The only catch is, you have to be a member of Shane’s Inner Circle in order to receive the content. To become a member is a weekly paid subscription.

While non-members may miss out on listening to the content, Hurlbut shares a brief  blog post outlining the information covered in the podcast for audiences to read. In this post, he has published five questions that were addressed which had been sent in from members in Montreal to Tennessee. While you have the ability to read the questions and get an idea of the topics the in podcast, unless you sign up for the inner circle, you don’t get answers to these questions.